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The 2020 Richard Mille Replica Watches. The new calibre GS36-750PS IRM is the key to the 6301P Grande Sonnerie. It features two twin-stacked barrels: one for the Movement (72 hours power reserve), and the other for the Strikework.

Turn the ref. Turn the 6301P around and you will see a new calibre GS36-750PS IRM with a 37mm diameter and 7.5mm height. Patek is known for designing movements with both architectural and functional beauty in mind. This masterpiece of harmony and balance features two series of two barrels stacked (four total), one for each train. The ruby on top of the bridge to the left is the barrels that are used for the striking train, and the ruby in the bottom is for the movement. Turn the crown anticlockwise for the barrel and clockwise for the movement. The sonnerie barrels provide a power reserve that allows you to keep the ref. The 6301 can be set to grande-sonnerie for 24 hours straight without the need to rewind.

To put it in perspective, the watch will make 1,056 full strikes over a 24-hour period. This new grande sonnerie carillon has three hammers, three gongs and is quite a feat. Each quarter is played in a high, low, medium melody. Philip Barat says that there was much discussion regarding the number of gongs and hammers for this watch. "It is essentially the Grandemaster Chime movement without the alarm, date striking, or calendar functions. We were able, therefore, to focus solely on the sound.Richard Mille Replica Watches We created prototypes using four and five hammers. Thierry Stern chose three hammers with three gongs for the perfect balance between power and beauty. While the Grandmaster Chime alternated melodies with each quarter, this instrument plays the same melody which is always a combination of high, low, and medium gongs, in that order.

Jasmina says: "Collectors are aware that Thierry is involved with every aspect of design. He also oversees the movements both in terms its aesthetics and technical details." The skeletonised Calatrava Cross, which is positioned above the fusee, allows you to see the flying regulator that Patek created for the Calibre 89, without any covering.

The sharp angles of the internal bridges are a testament to Patek's high-quality finish. Only the most skilled hands can achieve these sharp angles. Patek's Gyromax balance is also included, as well as its Silinvar hairspring. The latter makes the watch impervious against magnetism. Silinvar, a silicon material with silicon dioxide deposited on it as a compensation for its reaction to temperature variations, is a silicon product. The balance is located on a full-traversing balance bridge to provide added stability.

Patek's case is made of platinum, which is the most difficult material to work with when creating a strikingly good-sounding watch. Platinum is known for its poor sound quality due to its density. Journe was able to overcome this problem by creating his 700,000 euro 42mm sonnerie out of steel. But to me, it has always felt like a cop-out. Patek did not choose this path. They decided instead to show that not only were they capable of making the best-sounding grand sonnerie in the world,Patek Philippe Replica Watches but also that they could create a masterpiece that was a masterwork of stealthy elegance, and that the case could be made from the most difficult material, and still set a benchmark for tonal quality above all others. This statement by Richard Mille Replica Watches is so badass. If you'll excuse my vernacular, it basically says: "Y’all think you can make grand sonneries?" Hold my beer.